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Costume Meets

19th April, 2003
Does such a date need any explanation?
Well, ok, if you don't know- 19th April was chosen almost by random to be the first large-scale meet of the WWRY fandom, it was mad, insane, so much fun...
Basically, nearly 100 WWRY fans descended on the theatre a week before the cast change, and had a bloody good time! The atmosphere was incredible, the bicycle bell chorus was beautiful, the cheering, the vibe, were indescribable, so I won't even try.

Well, I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Us, being dedicated fans, made our mark the way we know how- dressing up for the occasion! They couldn't decide whether to go as Teen Queens or Bohemians, so ended up going as both! (Those GAGA shopping bags were most useful!)
(hold mouse over photo for caption)

Thingywot as Poppy Anna (dead_superstar) as Kelly Jouley as Kylie Annabomba as Stacey Seal as Delilah Hannah (7footmimi) as Candice Belle as Killer Queen, guest starring the Eager Beaver!

Preparing in Starbucks

Stacey Seal, A.K.A. Delilah, A.K.A. Wrench the repair truck! Kelly
What? Kylie Suffering an identity crisis?  or, finishing the costume...

Stage Door before evening show

Seal and Bohemian_scaramouche Bohemian_scaramouche and Dead Superstar Belle looking up at the cast looking down, of course...
AnnaB looks confused! Cheerful Thingywot Seal doesn't know, Jouley's hyper.

The Bohemians!

Thingywot as The King Watch out, she's about to POING! Seal looking windswept but gorgeous.  That girl just does not get cold!

I didn't have much time to take photos after the show, but our Gagas changed into their matching Boho outfits! Seal wore Amy Field's costumes, and Thingywot wore Lucie Fentum's. Jouley had Amanda Harrison's, and Anna had Nicola Stewarts.