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Starlight Express

Bochum 02- July 20th
Well, I think it's official that Sven is our FAVOURITE german guy with a pink tiara!!! (you had to be there... *grins*) THANKYOU so much!!! He pulled strings and got us a backstage tour of the theatre, between the shows on saturday. Also a HUGE thanks fo Kelly O'Brian, 1st cast Dinah, and Jean-Claude Pelletier who showed us around. Sven also got the local newspaper to interview us in costume on sunday, and basically made up for the fact that there wasn't an Open Day! We still had a great time! Here's our backstage trip...
Our tour-guide, Kelly O'Brian- 1st cast Dinah, in the skate training room. Coda feed-thru- who passes by whom at the end of Coda of Freight.  they still got it a bit wrong! Coda feed-thru part two
crash throws, and lots of electricity It's the running order, but it didn't photograph well. We disturbed Volta on her ciggy break
Wrench started gibbering at all those studs! Natls and flat-top spares kneepad bowls
Purse and Krupp costumes Lots of shiny costumes Volta mannequin, in storage in the back of the costume room
Ashley mannequin Volta and Ashley mannequin's skates Volta mannequin
Danni K-W and Casey jr. Woody is very glittery The stage is more colourful than it seems during the show
Nice shot of the new track Dunno what Krupp said, but the english and german fans thought it funny! God, i've missed the bridge!
Big set Tom Moneypenny, in Hashamoto makeup hmm, that didn't work
Danni's pretty Pearl wig Eeee!  Pearl's a banshee! Pearl and u/s Rusty practicing Du Allein reprise
Even I think he's a cute baby! OK, not a great pic. Out! Get Out!