Belle's Domain

Starlight Express

Bochum 02- July 21st
At the Theatre

We've got Anna as Pearl, Heather as Dinah, Annabomby as Buffy, Pally as Belle. Kirsty as Kirsty, an Electric engine, Roller Boy as Purse, Idiosylph as Krupp, Thingywot as Joule, and Wrench0626 as Wrench. Greaseballusa/dustin2204 as Dustin, Erikonil as CB, and Amy as Caboose.
In the hotel foyer Train Train
Train Best character shot ever Electric Goodness
Dinah Wrench Pearl
Dustin Roller Boy Kirsty
Group pose
Pearl Dinah Buffy
Belle Dustin CB
Kirsty Wrench Joule
Purse Krupp Cabeese
Electric train I'm a component!!! Coaches
Sisters Joule's cool Starlight cocktails