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Starlight Express

Bochum 02- July 22nd
the morning after.
Well, with the Open Day cancelled, we had nothing planned for the monday, and as we didn't leave til tuesday, we just chilled! Did some shopping- found a supermarket and bought lots of german chocolate, hang out, chatting and just enjoying each other's company, then went for Pizza in the evening. All very nice!
TW and wrench counting their chocolate conquests Roller Boy being cute Us, eating Dickmans. Honestly, they're called mini-dickmans! and if you suck hard enough, the white stuff comes out....
Roller Boy likes dickmans dickman and mozart balls.  Well, what do you expect when you get a lot of StEx Mad Trainsvestites high on dodgy-shaped chocolates??? Roller Boy and his Harem
RB's secret is out- YES!  He wears glasses!!!! Thingywot eating her bow sketching at Pizza Hut
Anna and Roller Boy Belle and Martin Wrench and TW at the airport
Mumsy at the airport