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Caboose's Diary by Tumblepatch

Dear diary,
10:52 - Hey there! Ok, it’s now been a whole week since Rusty won the big race - and the other trains are still acting odd around me. Sort of, glaring at me as they pass, or making whispered comments that they think I can’t hear. It almost seems somehow like they don’t trust me…

10:55 - Ok, I just put my new theory to Flat-Top. All he did was said “Now what could give you that idea?” in a very sarcastic voice, then scoffed and stalked off. There’s no-one else around (hmm…) so I’ve just been left to guess why the other trains are scooting round me. Oh, looks like we got a freight run. Gotta go!

11:01 - Right, they didn’t want me on the freight run; driver said he didn’t need a caboose, then the Rockies commented on how caboose’s were going out of fashion! Hmph! The cheek of it! One of these days, I’ll get those boxcars.

11:30 - Oh, dear Starlight! The coaches just passed - and I really screwed up bad! Dinah was with them (of course) and I just couldn’t resist saying ‘Hello!’ to her. Big mistake! You’d think I’d have committed a major crime, or something, ‘cos the coaches just looked at me (Dinah included!!!) then whirled away. I was pretty humiliated - but that wasn’t the worst of it. Before I could register what was happening, I found myself on the floor, looking up at the huge, rather menacing figure of Greaseball! I was terrified! Fortunately, he just gave me a brief ‘lecture’ on ‘keeping my filthy brakes away from his girl’, before leaving me lying there. Hmph! His girl indeed! Well, she is, but that’s not the point. I mean who came and comforted her when that high-and-mighty diesel dumped her? Me, that’s who! There’s just no pleasing some trains!

(Next day)
10:08 - Oh, great! I am in real big trouble (again!). I was asked to go on a short freight run yesterday afternoon, and, well, my brakes accidentally slipped! Rockies, Flat-Top and Dustin all went crashing into each other, while I managed to, um, ‘free myself’ from them. You’d think it was a bad thing, that I’d managed to save at least one valuable member of the freight train! Well, no-one said anything to me straight away, so I decided to return to the freight yard, for, erm, my own personal safety. No-one came for me immediately. But first thing this morning, I went out into the yard, and was immediately pounced on by Flat-Top! He immediately dragged me off to see Poppa (I tried to resist, but him being considerably bigger and stronger than me, it didn’t work). Anyway, so yeah, I was hauled off to stand in front of Poppa. He wasn’t too impressed with me; he wanted to know why I was acting so ‘evil, and insane’. I tried to convince him, I really did. I told him it was all the hat’s fault - that the evil red hat was controlling my mind, making me do these nasty things. He didn’t buy it! Instead, he just shook his head hopelessly and sent me out to stand against the wall outside. I was just on the verge of protesting, but the second I opened my mouth he said he had Wrench’s number! That shut me up! (Wrench scares the heck out of me) So, obedient as ever, I went and stood against the wall. That was 8:55. And, yep, I’m still here. I was allowed to have my diary to write in, but nothing else. I’m just wondering when I’ll be allowed to go…

10:30 - Alright, that’s it! Now I’m really mad! Big-headed Greaseball just strolled by, talking to even bigger-haired Electra. I prayed that they wouldn’t see me - no such luck! I turned, to see them looking at me, each with a smirk on his face. I tried to make it look as though I was just there, not being punished like a 5-year-old child, but they (unbelievably!) were smarter than that. They made many, very snide remarks about freight in general, then got very personal, with comments involving how ‘out-of-date’ I am (supposedly). But Greaseball delivered the final blow - by taunting me about my obvious crush on Dinah, and the fact that she would never love me. Ouch! That really stung! Of course I didn’t let him see he’d got to me, just ignored him. But the comment rang in my ears long after he’d gone! I just wanted to cry (not that I would, of course! I never cry). *sniffs* Man, I really hate those two engines. In fact, I hate most engines. But especially Greaseball and Electra! But, no fear, one of these days I will get my own back. I will!

(Next day)
10:00 - Dear diary, A question Poppa asked me yesterday, came back to me today. Why do I commit these crimes? Well, I thought about it today - and, amazingly, I’ve realised that it actually comes down to more than just boredom (though that is an important factor). Ok, so I’ve discovered, after a brief recap of my life before I came to ‘Rustys’ train yard. Well, it wasn’t a living hell. But it wasn’t luxury either. They had me working a lot more than I do here - I even helped pull freight on one occasion, ridiculous though it may sound! Anyway, one day, I remember deciding ’Right, this place needs a little livening up.’ Of course, I’d done a bit of ’dirty work’ even before that, what with all that business with the State Police, so I decided to become the top villain of the place. And that, I have realised, is what I am all about. Being a villain. I mean, the world would be so dull without at least one villain around - and at least I’m pretty lovable! (And not truly evil…much!)

10:45 - Ok, I’ve explained my theory to Poppa, seeing as he was the one who wanted it. He simmered down a little, but just when I was on the verge of getting him totally convinced I’m not all that bad, who should ‘steam’ in, but Rusty! Stupid little steamer! So, yeah, he went and began convincing Poppa how bad I am! Argh! Well, I got out of there pretty quick. I’ve decided, I don’t care what they all think. They’ll never really catch me anyway. ‘Cos I’m just an innocent little Red Caboose, and I am proud of it. Proud of being villainous, proud of being hated, proud to be ME!!!