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Pearl's Diary by Catslover1

Dear Diary,
I have just had the toughest day of my life, with Rusty dumping me and all that. I am pretty upset. I am completely heartbroken by this sudden break up. I am just about ready to curl up and die! I havenít done anything to him and he just goes and dumps me. I am seriously depressed about it all. I donít feel ready to find another boyfriend yet but I cannot remain single for the rest of my life. I wander if CB is single. He has hinted to me before that he likes me. I wander what his reaction would be, as he is such a kind, friendly train. He does say ďif you need someone whoís kind, then look behind thereís me, Iíll be here, standing by, never fear, you can cryĒ. So Iím gonna take advantage and ask him out. Hope no one else has asked him out! Anyway, to put my mind at rest, I am going to race against Greaseball, Electra and Bobo. Unfortunately, Rusty is my race partner, but everything seems to be ok at the moment. Oh no, heís just uncoupled me, ahhhh!!!! Heís had to race solo which isnít allowed! Too close to the edge! Aww bless Rusty, heís saved me, and so Iím back in the race with him. We are very close to the end, but Rustyís bid has failed. But then we come screaming past Electra and we win. Then we are so happy! We won the final race! After the race, I have decided to make up with rusty, because only he has the power to move me. Sorry CB, maybe next time! I am so sorry Rusty we split in the first place, what can I do to say sorry? Together weíd make the whole world move in sympathy. Life has suddenly got better for both of us because thereís a light the end of the tunnel, because the inside light is as black as the night, thereís a light at the end of the tunnel.