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Ashley's Diary by Elsieoverthemoon

Dear Diary,

As I am writing this, I am crying, I know I shouldn’t cry, and I’m made of tougher stuff than that but all the same , this is the only place I can come and be, well, me. The last 7 days have been a living hell for me. The girls have been great but they’ll never know just how upset I’m feeling. It’s like being empty. Last week was the final, me and the other girls were so very excited about it, having had re sprays and all our broken bits fixed (Buffy had a few lights that had fused, I warned her about coupling with that new engine, he looked a bit too high powered for her, and her electrics blew, not to mention her chiller cabinet has been on the blink for ages, silly girl! Still, she won’t be told!) and Dinah had some beautiful new napkins made especially for the occasion, so pretty, a bit too girly for me but pretty nonetheless. Anyway, back to me…. I have been Uncoupled………………. For Good. This isn’t one of those on again, off again type break ups that Dinah has every other week, this is serious. Bobo HATES me. I mean, Really Hates Me. I have never seen him so angry before, I know he has a temper but I never thought I would be on the receiving end of it.

It was all because of that air-head Greaseball. Him and his stupid pride, his so called ‘winning streak‘. My Poor Bobo. ‘Trains gone’ was called and GB’s coach , Pearl was holding him back, still worried about Rusty (I told her back at the railroad she should’ve stayed put in the sidings not raced with Rusty, I mean how foolish is that, her first race and she wants the little steamer?, and not gone chasing the big boys, but she didn’t listen, and now I’m not talking to her, I can’t. It’s not her fault , she just happened to upset GB but I really can’t think of anything nice to say. At All) She was so interested in what was happening at the back with Rusty, she forgot her racing protocol, the most basic rule, in layman’s terms: you are coupled, you stay coupled until the end of the race, you support your engine, you do not hold them back. Anyway, GB got so annoyed with her ditzy behaviour (almost as bad as Dinah’s! ) that he let her go.

GB didn’t have a carriage at this point and he didn’t want to get disqualified. He could have just asked for a re run, he could have taken Electra down a peg or two and couple with Buffy (after all every other engine has!) he could’ve taken flat top who is GB’s No1 Fan ,but no, he took it out on Bobo for some pathetic grudge he had held since last years race (something to do with Bobo having a leaky valve and spilling oil on GB’s new wheels and therefore GB had to go back to depot and get cleaned up and miss his Lap of Honour) so he whacked him hard on the back and took me as his new carriage, I thought this was more than a bit rude but he had me fastened so tightly I had no choice but to be his carriage. Now GB and I have not really seen eye to eye since the Rolling stock Gala when he ‘accidentally’ burnt a piece of my upholstery. but that’s another story and it will only make me even more upset if I go into details. But even so, the look on Bobo’s face when I went with GB was so painful, and I was halfway around the course before I could even shout out to him. By that time, it was too late, Bobo was withdrawn and I knew I was in for a rough time. Luckily GB and Electra managed to Uncouple Buffy and I before we got caught up in the mess!

After the celebrations, (which I did not feel like joining in with I must add!) I went to find my beloved Bobo, but he was nowhere to be seen, I was so scared that he’d done something silly. Nintendo was being re stocked and repaired for the ride home and said he’d seen Bobo by the ‘river run’ so I got Turnov to take me there. Bobo didn’t want to talk to me, he called me all sorts of names, some that I would only associate with the Components for crying out loud! He said he never wants to see me again, and if smoking cars are banned ‘it’s not soon enough’. How can I explain to him that none of this was my fault? He also mentioned something about not taking me to France next year to meet his depot. I’m so confused. I have never cheated on him. Never! Not even to go on practise runs, I always made sure he was my engine. Now what am I supposed to do? Flat top has been great but there’s only so much whinging my little brother can take from his big sis! Maybe I can get GB to talk to him? That is if I can tear him away from Dinah long enough to listen. God, I hate these competitions, they always bring out the worst in the boys.

I need a smoke to calm down, I can’t let the other girls see me like this. I’m the ballsy, gutsy, smoking car, not the pathetic weeping car. And I hate my new ashtrays, one is wonky. Life sucks right now. Why can’t everyone find their Starlight? I thought I had mine but now I’m not so sure…….