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Electra's Diary by Tumblepatch

Dear Diary,

Hmph! Things are not going my way at the moment. I was just warming up for the big race, when, suddenly and out of the blue, Dinah dumped me! She just went rattling on about the fact that I can’t whistle, and disconnected from me. Unbelievable!
So, of course, I had to get a sub, and fast. Surprisingly, as I called on the first potential partner that came into my head, I realised that I had called on the Red Caboose, of all trucks! Well, for a moment, I had my doubts (knowing Caboose’s notorious reputation)! However, all was Ok - he came zooming in, and immediately and clearly stated his willingness to serve me, which was very pleasing to hear indeed!
Ok, so I’m racing now with Caboose - having warmed up, I’m headed to the start line. I’m confident now that this race is mine…log, over and out.

Dear Diary (some time later),

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I lost! How could I lose? The Caboose wasn’t slowing me down, and I was giving it all I got! So, I ask, how could I have lost? Well, there was the explosion…HEY! It’s all coming back to me now. There was an explosion in the tunnel, which me, Caboose and Greaseball got caught up in. Rusty, his partner and Pearl had disappeared. Ohh…I just remembered; no wonder I’m aching with pain, the explosion threw us into the air. I then landed on Greaseball, and the Caboose landed on me! He may be light, but it still hurt!
Hang on, where am I? Caboose? Greaseball? Urgh, what are we doing here - shouldn’t we be getting repaired? I’m sure I can get us a good repair job…Caboose, what do you mean we’re supposed to be lamenting? Oh, right, lamenting. Ohh, damn, looks like we’re on centre stage…while trashed! Uh, I need to go figure this out! Log…out!

[Diary logged by Electra, on the 15th of June, 2006. Saving to computer: in progress.]