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Who are these People? what do they want??

A HUGE Thankyou to Amy Field for taking these fantastic photos for me!! We LURVE you, Amy!
Please, please do not put these photos on any other websites, I get all protective of my pics and upset if I see them appearing without my permission.

Amy Field (Seal) Geo Cliff Richard
Mr. Lamé Cheeky Fairy Understudy Aretha
The King Madonna Zak
Jenna Lulu Big Macca
Giorgia Cowgirl Phong Truong understudying Prince
Amy Field (Delilah)

Even Amy's not perfect, and that pesky camera cord has a life of its own! You couldn't have got that one if you'd tried!

shhh... he's a secret policeman, but it's a secret! The Obscured Kerry Ellis as Meatloaf flashing for the camera!